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Below is the PWC Training Program Summary:

School District Membership cost: $1,000

  • This includes 2 practices a week: Thursday @ 6:30-8:00pm & Sunday @ 3-4:30

  • Age Group: 7th-12th Grade​

  • First day of Practice: Tuesday, September 11th, 2018

  • Last Day of PWC Practice: Thursday, March 14th. 


Dates we will not be practicing:
      1) November 22nd (Thanksgiving)
      2) December 25th (Christmas)
      3) January 1st (New Years Eve)


Youth Program
This year, the youth program is going to change a bit as well. Our numbers were small last year, so in effort to benefit the kids we are going to do a free clinic once a month on a Sunday. Ideally we do this clinic prior to a Pitt Wrestling Dual Meet so the kids can hang around after and watch wrestling. If there isn't a date in the month that works with a dual, I will just run a free clinic in the wrestling room or at a spot location. Updates on when the first Clinic is will be coming soon! 


Summer months will focus on clinics and camps going forward. If you have guys that will be competing in PA Freestyle States and/or Fargo, we would be happy to run a few PWC Freestyle Practices for those schools that have a membership and would like to do so. 

Please contact Conor Youtsey in order to set up your school district, or to set up small groups/individuals. Checks can be made payable to Pittsburgh Wrestling Club mailed to:

                  Pittsburgh Wrestling Club

                  30 Wood Acres Lane

                  Grove City, PA 16127

* Please note:  Additional times may be added to the schedule during the season and adjustments  may be made around the holidays, ACC and NCAA Championships.




PWC Training Gear includes Shorts/Shirt/Bag:

School District Membership

Individual Membership

Note: if memberships are not selected then individual practices will be $20.00 per practice.


Below is the PWC practice schedule calendar & upcoming special events:

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