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RTC Schedule


"The Pittsburgh Wrestling Club Regional Training Center (RTC) is a private, non-profit organization with the mission of promoting our local wrestlers in pursuing their Olympic and World goals. With your help in donating to the PWC, we can continue to support our wrestlers in their endeavors competing across the world. Currently, we have two senior level athletes, Samat Nadyrbek Uulu (57kg) and Jon Gingrich (125kg), that are able to compete at a championship level thanks to your donations and support thus far. Everything that we do at PWC is done to help promote and support our athletes accomplish their goals. The RTC has several benefits that directly impact the success of the Pitt Wrestling Program.


•  World Class Training Environment - Our regional training center creates an opportunity for Olympic hopefuls to prepare to make World/Olympic teams. Having these high-level wrestlers in our wrestling room day in and day out raises the intensity of our wrestling program and provides our student-athletes with a great example of what commitment to excellence looks like. In addition, our RTC resident athletes are able to train with our student-athletes providing great training partners for our wrestlers.

Recruiting - Out of the top ten teams at this year’s NCAA tournament, all of them have a fully functioning RTC. Having elite level training partners is a big factor for top high school wrestlers when choosing which University to attend. The best high school wrestlers these days go to collegiate programs with a good RTC because they want to be NCAA champions AND World/Olympic Champions.


Retaining our Guys - We need to be able to retain our successful collegiate wrestlers that want to pursue their Olympic dream. In the past when Pitt would have a wrestler with aspirations beyond NCAA wrestling, that wrestler would have to go pursue those aspirations at another programs RTC (Keith Gavin trained at the Ohio State RTC, Drew Headlee trained at UNC’s RTC, etc). Being able to retain our own guys who want to continue with their wrestling career post college will help our program get to the next level.


Thank you for your support of the PWC!

Please visit the "donate" page and continue to help us grow.”


**In order to attend RTC Practice you must live within 250 Miles of Pittsburgh, meet one of the Criteria (see attached) and have an active USA Wrestling Card. 

Practice Schedule

     * Practice begins Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019*


       Tuesday: 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm


       Thursday: 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm


RTA Criteria Document


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Your donation helps send our wrestlers to elite competitions, giving them the experience of competing against the best.

Practices are held at the University of Pittsburgh’s Fitzgerald Field House and run by the Pitt’s wrestling coaches and athletes.

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